John Alexander Collection

Whimsy at Third and Pennsylvania Avenue SE, 1967

The late John Alexander, a Washington attorney, lived at 217 Third Street SE from the early 1960s until about 1995. According to his daughter Michele Alexander, he absolutely loved the townhouse and the neighborhood, especially The Hawk & Dove, the bookstore and the restaurant next door, the cleaners, the drug store on the corner, etc.

In 1967, John purchased this original drawing of the corner of Third and Pennsylvania Avenue SE from Elizabeth Beer, staff artist for the Capitol Hill Spectator newspaper, after seeing the drawing in the paper's September 14, 1967, edition. When Michele inherited the drawing from her father, she searched for an appropriate home for it and discovered the Overbeck Project. We thank Michele for her donation and Nancy Freeman for scanning and enhancing it. We're sharing it here because we think our readers will enjoy seeing this lively, cheerful scene of one corner of our neighborhood as it looked over 50 years ago.