View of the perimeter of Stanton Park in 1927. NPS (NCR Division of Lands, Resources and Planning, Reservation File 15)

Parks for the People - How Capitol Hill Parks Led to a National Park Service

POSTPONED. Every park tells a story. Among the landmarks of Capitol Hill perhaps none are as appreciated as Capitol Hill’s parks - some of the first public lands in the nation.

In his upcoming Overbeck Lecture, Vince Vaise, Chief of Visitor Services at National Capital Parks-East, will trace the thrilling story of the evolution of these parks - how they mirrored the development of the nation's capital city, reflected public values regarding public lands and fostered a land ethic that led to a national park service. The program will focus on Capitol Hill’s larger, named parks – Lincoln, Stanton, Seward, Marion, Folger and Garfield. Even though they were all created by the L'Enfant plan, they each have a different story to tell about life on Capitol Hill over the past two centuries.

This lecture has been temporarily postponed. Registration will become available when it is rescheduled.

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