Photo by John Shore

Neal and Janice Gregory

Neal Gregory arrived in DC in 1963, and in 1970 Janice Maxwell came to work for Texas Congressman Jake Pickle. They met when Neal came to Pickle's office to interview him, and they married the next year.

When the Gregorys were interviewed by Jim McMahon in 2018, the conversation ranged over all aspects of their lives on Capitol Hill since those early days. They discuss balancing jobs and raising city children, choosing schools, their community involvement with St. Mark's Church, Friends of the Southeast Library, and the Texas State Society. In 1978, they collaborated to write "When Elvis Died," a book about the world's reaction to the death of Elvis Presley, a subject of special interest to Tupelo, MS, native Neal. They share other memories of local restaurants, the riots of 1968, and the chaos of 9/11.

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Interview Date
August 10, 2018
James McMahon
David MacKinnon

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