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View of the perimeter of Stanton Park in 1927. NPS (NCR Division of Lands, Resources and Planning, Reservation File 15)

Parks for the People - How Capitol Hill Parks Led to a National Park Service

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Vincent Vaise
POSTPONED. Every park tells a story. Among the landmarks of Capitol Hill perhaps none are as appreciated as Capitol Hill’s parks - some of the first public lands in the nation.

In his upcoming Overbeck Lecture, Vince Vaise, Chief of Visitor Services at National Capital Parks-East, will trace the thrilling story of the evolution of these parks - how they mirrored the development of the nation's capital city, reflected public values regarding public lands and fostered a land ethic that led to a national park service. The program will focus on Capitol Hill’s larger, named parks – Lincoln, Stanton, Seward, Marion, Folger and Garfield. Even though they were all created by the L'Enfant plan, they each have a different story to tell about life on Capitol Hill over the past two centuries.

This lecture has been temporarily postponed. Registration will become available when it is rescheduled.


Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital

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7:30 p.m.

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Since 2002, the Overbeck Project has presented four lectures per year by local historians, authors and scholars on the history of Capitol Hill and the larger Washington, D.C. community.

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