Brian Kraft's DC Oral History Map
Brian Kraft's DC Oral History Map
June 19, 2021

Oral histories To Be Featured at CHRS meeting

Overbeck Project Manager Bernadette McMahon and historian Brian Kraft will jointly present “Voices from our past – Researching oral histories of Capitol Hill“ during the June 22, 2021, Capitol Hill Restoration Society meeting.

Bernadette has overseen collection of over 200 oral histories of current and former Capitol Hill neighbors during the Overbeck Project's 20 year history. She will provide a guide to exploring the extensive material available on the Project's website. Brian recently created the DC Oral History Map by identifying and mapping locations of hundreds of residences, schools, churches, and other sites mentioned in Overbeck Project and other DC oral histories. He will demonstrate his site and display the information available about map locations, each of which links to a published oral history.

The virtual meeting will be hosted on WebEx and is open to the public. It's free, and no reservations are needed. See more details, including the WebEx link, on the Restoration Society's website.

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