Photo by Lis Wackman
Photo by Lis Wackman
April 2, 2020

RIP Goldie Mamakos

Overbeck Project interviewee Goldie Mamakos passed away on March 20, 2020, at age 89.

Goldie Mamakos was interviewed by Sharon House in 2006; the transcript of that interview is full of interesting stories about her family of Greek immigrants, many of whom owned local businesses, including Sherrill's on Pennsylvania Avenue SE and well-known nightclub Club Kavakos on H Street NE.

The transcript is also the source of several wonderful photos, including Club Kavakos' 25th anniversary celebration; Goldie (at age 1) with her extended family posed on the steps of 667 South Carolina Avenue SE; and Goldie and classmates in front of Wallach School, now the site of Trader Joe's.

We at the Overbeck Project appreciate all our interviewees, who have shared their stories with us so we may share them with you.

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