Cover detail. "Hollywood on the Potomac: How the Movies View Washington, D.C." by Mike Canning

Washington in the Movies: How Hollywood Views the Nation's Capital

February 5, 2013
On February 5, 2013, Mike Canning presented a lecture on the accurate and inaccurate ways in which Hollywood films depict Washington, DC.

The lecture was based on Canning's new book: Hollywood on the Potomac: How the Movies View Washington, D.C. The lecture included images from films spanning more than half a century.

Canning has written movie reviews for the Hill Rag since retiring from the Foreign Service in 1993, and maintains a website ( featuring film reviews and essays. He was a programmer and commentator for ten years for the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop’s classic films series, a long-time officer with the Capitol Hill Restoration Society and a Hill Center board member. He also served on the founding board of Capitol Hill Village. He and his wife Judy have lived on the Hill, on and off, since 1965.

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