Capitol Hill Row Houses. Photo by Maygene Daniels

Historic Capitol Hill Row House Designs: Not Colonial Williamsburg

April 8, 2008
On April 8, 2008, historic restoration expert C. Dudley Brown presented a pictorial lecture on the unique character and features of Capitol Hill's historic row houses.

A living legend in local historic preservation circles, Brown delivered trenchant commentary on the mistakes and misconceptions that have periodically threatened the neighborhood's historic housing stock.

For decades Brown has been a tireless advocate for historic preservation in our neighborhood, while heading one of the Washington area's oldest firms specializing in historic restoration and traditional interior design. C. Dudley Brown & Associates has completed hundreds of projects for private residences, churches, clubs and public buildings and has won numerous awards and honors, including the DC Mayor's Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation and the Designer of Distinction Award from the American Society of Interior Designers.

For an interesting account of Brown's career and involvement in the community, read the transcript of his Overbeck Project oral history, recorded in 2002.

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