Pierre Charles L'Enfant and Thackara & Vallance. Plan of the City of Washington, 1792. Library of Congress. 

Looking at the L'Enfant Plan in a New Light

November 13, 2017

On November 13, 2017, architect and historic cartographer Don Hawkins presented an Overbeck Lecture describing his recent conclusions about  L'Enfant's vision for the design of the City of Washington based on close study of an original pencil sketch by L'Enfant at the Library of Congress, as well as on investigation of L'Enfant's education, friends, and experiences.

Don Hawkins is an architect, an urban designer, and a life-long Washingtonian with an interest in the city's early history. He lectures frequently on the subject and his maps, essays, and reviews appear in Washington History magazine and other publications.

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