Panoramic View of Washington City from the New Dome of the Capitol Looking East. E. Sachse and Co. c. 1857. Image: Library of Congress

Capitol Hill and the Capital

February 8, 2016
On February 8, 2016 author Tom Lewis presented a lecture based on his recently published book: Washington, A History of our National City (Basic Books, 2016).

Lewis reviewed the history of the creation and development of the capital city from the time that President George Washington chose the site through the city's many transformations into the 21st century, focusing on the U.S. Capitol and its surrounding neighborhood of Capitol Hill.

Tom Lewis is professor emeritus of English at Skidmore College and the author of books on the Hudson River, Hart Crane and development of the interstate highway system among others. He also has collaborated with director Ken Burns and Florentine Films on a number of documentaries for public television, serving as a consultant, writer, director of research and co-producer.

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