John Philiip Sousa's grave at Congressional Cemetery. Photo by Maygene Daniels

Capitol Hill's John Philip Sousa

November 6, 2007
On November 6, 2007, the Overbeck Project celebrated John Philip Sousa's birthday with a lecture on this local hero and international celebrity by Capitol Hill historian Lucinda P. Janke.

Janke was an extraordinary Sousa expert, whose knowledge ranged from his stellar achievements as a composer and band leader to the ingredients of his mother's spaghetti recipe. She presented a pictorial tour of Sousa's several homes on Capitol Hill and traced other aspects of his remarkable life.

A former curator of the Kiplinger Washington Collection, Janke is a longtime explorer of the city's past and co-author, with Ruth Ann Overbeck, of a groundbreaking study of one of Capitol Hill's founding landowners, William Prout. She serves now on the collections committee of the Historical Society of Washington and also on the Overbeck Project's steering committee.

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