"Hog Catcher Hog Catcher" Farm Animals on Capitol Hill

September 19, 2022
Join us on Monday evening September 19 when Hayden Wetzel will present an illustrated lecture on the history of farm animals on Capitol Hill. Admission to the lecture is free but a reservation is required. Places can be reserved through Hill Center beginning September 1, 2022.

Farm animals - pigs, cows, geese - found pleasant pasturage in the parks, streets, empty lots, and front yards of Capitol Hill until about 1880. In his lecture Wetzel will describe the exciting days when the police and later the District pound crew battled local residents to get these largish - but to their owners valuable - nuisances off public property, including the Capitol grounds. One newspaper reported: She "rescued her porker from a lightweight policeman" and then "not content with this tossed both officer and pig into the muddy sty."

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